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My friend Jess drew this! Click to visit her site, she's really talented!

About Me

Hey, thanks for stopping by! I am a game designer and artist who specializes in gameplay design/programming and technical art. I'm also a 3D generalist with proficiency in modeling, texturing, animation, and lighting/rendering. My 3D art skills help immensely with my programming and asset implementation work and rounds out my knowledge of the overall production pipeline.

I graduated June, 2018 with a BS in Game Design and Production and a minor in Computer Science from the Westphal College of Media Arts and Design at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.

Outside of work, I spend most of my time playing games, watching any sort of animation or super hero movie, reading comics, or spending time outdoors. Feel free to shoot me an email or contact me through any other media, I'd love to hear from you!