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New Site - Welcome!

My friend Jess drew this! Click to see her website!

My friend Jess drew this! Click to see her website!

My new site is made and live!

If you are reading this, welcome to my new personal website! This is where I will collect and display all of my work. I also plan to start a personal blog, not only for myself, but because I want to provide a place for more detailed updates on my life and my work. 

The work process is iterative, so I think that documenting my progress, both good in bad, as I work is an important aspect of sharing my work with others. As such, I will also be including my personal production journals from my current senior project. If you want to learn more about that, head over to our production blog here. I'm very excited about the project we're working on.

I also hope to use this as a base for self reflection and thoughts on implementation, technology, and design. Hopefully updates to this site will happen more frequently as I get a little further into the year.

Again, thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my work!