Game Designer & Programmer


Senior Project - PPJ #25

This week was a whirlwind. I didn’t get much done on the project because I was at PAX East ALL WEEK. It was incredible. We went in with no expectations or any idea what to do. Nothing could have prepared us for the kind of reception we got to the project, is was so overwhelming. People loved Groundless and gave such overwhelmingly positive feedback to the project. We gave out every single business card we had printed, we had multiple groups of people return to our booth multiple times each day to play, we got invited to other events in the future, and we met so many great people! I played a TON of Groundless, so it’s safe to say that I need a short break from the game. My other task for the week was to take photos and videos of the event for use in promotional material and presentations, but mostly we’ll use them in senior showcase. I got a bunch of good stuff, but I’ll pull out my favorites later today and we’ll get them added to the site as well as a PAX postmortem. It was a great week and it only motivated me more to finish up the project and make it better — after all, we have people who are looking forward to the release of Groundless!

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