Game Designer & Programmer


Senior Project - PPJ #27

This week we all got back to the grind, figured out our plan going forward, and got back to work. Tyler, Gabe, and I sat down and did a bit of design work to try and solve one of the bigger issues we found at PAX: players have a hard time understanding the score bar and losing/locking in points. Very often, players wouldn’t even realize there was a score bar on screen. There was also a deeper overall problem with our game not having any sense of progression — getting points 1-3 feels exactly the same way as getting points 7-9, and we want those ‘phases’ to feel different. We came up with a solution that we think will make the score more visible, will make point locking clearer, and will give a better sense of meaning and progression to the acts of gaining and losing points.

I did a quick little reformat on all of the UI in the game this week for Amy as well and now every element can be scaled and placed with a bit more accuracy and clarity.

Last week, I met with Gillian to talk about animations and what fixes they needed. She got new animations out and this week I got them all imported and set up. Next, I have to actually set events to trigger them, but I’ll hopefully get that out of the way today. I also updated the male characters rig.

I’m eagerly anticipating the beginning of xbox development, and that is looking like it will progress forward here shortly, so that’s also very exciting.


UI Design Meeting: ~2 hours
UI reformat: 2 hours
Anim Import: 1 hour
Anim Implementation: ~4 hours
Meetings: ~4 hours

Total: 13 hours

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