Game Designer & Programmer


Senior Project - PPJ #24

Over the last two weeks, a ton happened. I went to GDC with some of the team, so that was cool. The IGF and GDCA awards were the highlight of the week and it was super cool. In terms of the project, I updated the sign in screen with Kev’s art and finally found a place for my grass shader in the game. So that was exciting. I also updated all of the UI elements and added the character avatars on the lock-in screen.

I also did some QoL work for PAX. This included making the flowers just a tiny bit more dynamic by making them spin, writing the logic to update the icon that appears when a player pauses (moose, ram, etc), and making the aim UI elements different colors from each other, at the request of playtesters.

All-in-all, break was awesome and definitely needed. GDC kicked ass and I got a fair amount of work done. Really looking forward to PAX.


-Sign-in screen: ~10 hrs
-QoL: ~5 hrs

Total: 15 hours

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