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Senior Project - PPJ #26

This was kind of a slower week for me. I decided to take a week to get back into the swing of classes and, after PAX, the team needed to regroup and evaluate our upcoming tasks and priorities anyway. Going forward, we have a clearer idea of what’s left to be done and woo boy, do we have a lot to do. This week, I did a couple tweaks and bug fixes, nothing huge, and then I met with Gillian to discuss what the animations need going forward.

My main task going forward is going to be finishing up the implementation of all the animations. I need to hop on that quickly, because my priorities will shift as soon as we get our xbox. That will be my sole priority once we get it, and I’m really looking forward to it, but until then I’ll be focusing on animations and some quality-of-life changes on the project for some other team members. I’m looking forward to the new title and win screens, I’ll no doubt have a hand in the creation of those, so that’s exciting. The last big thing I have going forward is controller rumble, but that’s such a supplementary effect that it’s not even on my radar yet. I did do tests with it a while ago, and it felt awesome in our game, so I’m definitely looking forward to when I get to do a full implementation.

The last big thing that happened this week was that we had a team discussion on the future of the project. It’s something that we had been told and acknowledged, but never fully discussed together. The development of Groundless will extend past graduation, especially with the xbox development not even started. We have so much to do and, while I had fully acknowledged this from the minute we confirmed the xbox development, we never actually talked about it as a team. It was nice to confirm that, yes this will continue to go forward, but that there are no expectations for people to stay. We’ll obviously get a better feel for it as we continue with this quarter, but I’m glad that we all finally had the conversation and verbally confirmed the fact that we’ll still have work to do post-graduation.

That’s about all I have, sorry I don’t have something more tangible, it was a “personal recovery” week I guess. However, now that we all know what we have to do next, I’ll be jumping on animations early this upcoming week.

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