Game Designer & Programmer


Senior Project - PPJ #17

This week I revisited character simulations with the braid for the female character and the scarf for the male character. I imported new mask/hair/scarf models and rigs into Unity and edited the anim set-up system to work with the new file structure.

The biggest thing I worked on this week was a new simulation method. In the past, I was trying to simulate the hair with a cloth simulation, but I quickly realized that Unity cloth does not play nice with quick changes in velocity or dramatic rotations, both of which are a part of our character controller. This meant that, every time a character started moving or stopped moving, the simulation would whip around and take a long time to settle back into it’s idle place behind the character. Thus, the cloth idea was scrapped.

The current iteration is using joint chains instead of a cloth sim. I had Gillian quickly rig the hair and scarf with a basic joint bind and then I added Rigidbodies and character joints to each of the bones in the rig. Gravity takes care of the rest. As seen in the gifs, this method works much more consistently and flows much cleaner with the character motions. The simulations no longer whip around on start/stop. The only thing I have to get down now is collisions with the character, right now the simulations can flow freely through the character geometry. However, once that problem is solved, this version of the simulations is looking very promising.

I also took a stab at first pass volumetric lights this week. Since our whole aesthetic is this mystical forest type of vibe, lighting will be a huge source of that feeling, especially lighting that portrays depth, such as volumetric lights. I didn’t have too clear of a vision for this, but I basically just created a prefab that the artists can manipulate and place to fit the actual visual theme of our game. EDIT: the gif compression makes this look like garbage, I promise it looks better in game.


What went well: The sim stuff came out much better than I was expecting. Still needs tweaking, but I was expecting a ton more work. The Eagles won, and while I don’t care about football too much, Sunday night was insanely fun.

What could’ve gone better:  I need to start focusing much more on working the second pass of the animation system and getting anim blending in. I worked a bit on it this week but trashed the work since I realized I was going in the wrong direction. I realized that this system is going to have to be much more complex than I originally thought and I will need to do nested animation blends which, I’ll be honest, I don’t know if it will work or not.


-Hair/Scarf sim: 6 hours
-Volumetric lights: 1 hour
-Anim work: 2 hours
-Meetings: ~5 hours

Total: 14 hours

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