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Senior Project - PPJ #20

This week was a tad bit slower than I would’ve liked since I was waiting on character changes to be made before I could implement the character textures, but I did get to hop back into the build and work on the offering shader, so that was awesome! I’ll actually be implementing the char textures today, so I’ll update this PPJ with that work later.

Kevin did the majority of this shader, I just hopped on to add one small part and tweak some values to get it looking as “hologram – y” as possible while still being clear visually. The main change from Kevins is that the hologram scan lines now travel in world space rather than in each petals local space. The scroll line that travels up the model also moves in world space now. I also messed around with the center of the offering, just for fun. Even though it won’t be used, it gave me some time to think about an updated shader for the crystal in the middle of the flower.

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