Game Designer & Programmer


Senior Project - PPJ #8

Well, this week was Thanksgiving, and it was really nice to have a couple days off! Our turkey’s name was Charles-Gunther.

This week, I worked on some of the base functionality for our UI. Right now, controllers are connected and inputs assigned on a “sign-in” screen where everyone must press start to connect their controller. The plan is to make this same screen a character customization area where the player can change their name, team, gender, and individual input mappings. I got the functionality for signing in, changing the name label, then locking in.

I also got the loading screen put together. In playtests, especially with new players, the first 10 seconds or so are spent learning the controls and not playing the game. This is fine, but we want to give players the ability to get a feel for the controls in a controlled environment, not the actual game. So, in the loading screen, a super simple map will spawn in with the players. The players will have the same playable controls as the main game, but we’ll simplify the scene with very minimal art and effects so that it loads in quickly. This way, players have an area to mess around in while they wait for the main game to load. Once the main map has finished loading, the players will have the option to stay in this sandbox area a little longer, or press start and load up the main game.

I also took the extra time this week to organize the project a bit. Artists started testing their models in engine this week, so I organized all of the project files prior to that and created individual folders and work-spaces for everyone on the team. This will keep us organized and limit repo errors because everyone should be working in their own scene and then adding their changes to the main scene after peer-review.

What went right: I had an awesome Thanksgiving and the break was really nice. I still managed to sink a lot of time into the project too, so that was nice.

What could’ve gone better: Not too much could’ve gone better. If anything, I wish I had more time to do some extra work and make the UI a bit more developed, but I got done what I planned to do.


UI functionality: ~3 hrs
Label creation: 3 hrs
Loading Screen: 1 hr
Project Organization: 0.5 hrs
Meetings: ~3 hrs

Total: ~10.5 hrs

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