Game Designer & Programmer


Senior Project - PPJ #7

With the end of the term approaching, this week was pretty busy with work for other classes. Outside of that, I got a fair amount done for the project, but feel like I could’ve done more.

My primary work was on doing the technical/functional layout of the UI flow with Arden and Amy. I didn’t do any of the art concepts, but I did work on laying out what UI elements and functionality we needed, so it was a very design heavy week again.

I worked a little bit on getting some of the UI functionality that we didn’t already have into the build which led to me discovering that I would need a bit of help from Tyler on the input stuff. With 4 players, we have a massive list of inputs and I have no clue what each one is, so I’ll get clarification on that in a tech meeting today so that I can go back in and finish up some of the input-based UI functionality. The one thing I did get in was a pause menu for in-game that works very similarly to the end game menu.


Other than that, I did a little bit of bug-fixing and tweaking based on the playtests we did this week. The main fix I did was a problem with flag spawning and how the flags interacted with the hill. As a design team, we decided that we didn’t want flags to persist if the hill moved over them, as it gave an unfair advantage and essentially free points to the team already on the hill. In my original implementation, I had the flags destroy themselves then start the respawn coroutine if they contacted the hills collider. However, if a flag respawned and the hill was over the respawn area, there would be a brief period of time (>5 frames) between when the flag spawned and the collision between the flag and the hill was detected where players could collect the flag on the hill, before it was destroyed. I fixed this by going into the spawn routine and not spawning the flag in the first place if it was within a certain distance from the hill.


What went well: We got more playtesting done, which is always nice, and it’s really nice to be starting on UI. Art is moving along and we should be getting asset implementation started before the term ends, which is super exciting. We are also entering an optimization phase for tech, which shows progress.

What could’ve gone better: It personally felt like a slow week for me, not because I had a lack of things to do, but because I just feel like I could’ve done more. I’m looking forward to this short Thanksgiving break to catch up on some of the UI functionality and potentially work on some new build/destroy methods.


UI Meeting: ~2 hrs

UI Work: 1.5 hrs

Playtesting/bugfixing: ~4 hrs

Meetings: ~4 hrs

Total: ~11.5 hrs

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