Game Designer & Programmer


Senior Project - PPJ #6

The weeks are blurring together and I have a hard time keeping track of what I actually do each week. That being said, this week was highly productive with a couple of major developments.

Game Loop: The game loop with our new objective design and supplementary team-play dynamics is programmed and implemented, making us functionally complete for Alpha! Woo! I worked on activating and deactivating the “flags” when players stand on the hill. I also worked on the scoring and gaining/losing points interactions with the “flags”. The GIF below illustrates the flags “activating” when a player stands on the hill.


Playtest #2: On Saturday (11/11) we held our second major playtest! We had about the same amount of players as the first test (~20) and held 5 sessions. I facilitated some of the tech stuff and took notes on player comments and critiques as well as my own observations.  It was a very successful day with a ton of good feedback and strong reactions to the game. We plan to hold 3 more playtests over the course of the next week with iterations on the build between each one. We’ve already started to make changes to the game feel to reflect some of the critiques we got from playtesters.


Flag Spawner: One of our main critiques, that we admittedly knew about before the playtests, was that flags wouldn’t spawn in over time, but rather all at once when all of the flags currently on the map were collected. So, right after the testing, I went back and re-hauled the flag spawning to get a smooth over-time spawn for the flags. I also added some visual clarity tweaks for the flags so they were more visually obvious to players (as seen by the spinning in the GIF above). I also fixed a design issue we had where the hill would move on to flags in the map, making it super easy for the team defending the hill to pick up some free points. Flags will now be destroyed and respawned if they make contact with the hill. The new hill spawning will still allow map designers to purposefully place where the flags spawn, but it will eliminate some of the limitations we were having with just spawning in a flag group prefab.


What went well: It feels awesome to be functionally complete for alpha, at least with the core game loop, which means the rest of our programming work is working in the feedback from tests, tweaking/polish, and asset implementation / technical art. Our second playtest was very successful and we got a very large amount of feedback. I finally have a half-decent professional picture. New website is awesome.

What could’ve gone better: Not much. honestly. It was a very productive, successful week.


-Flag spawning and points: 4 hrs

-Playtests: ~2.5 hrs

-Flag spawning re-haul: 2 hrs

-Meetings: ~5 hrs

Total: ~13.5 hrs

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