Game Designer & Programmer


Senior Project - PPJ #5

This week we got back into production mode and started implementing our design changes from the last 2 weeks. After doing so much design, this week was a breath of fresh air!

This week, I worked on getting the new hill set up and the new capture-the-flag type of method for gaining points. Flags of your teams color will activate once you stand on the hill and can be collected by members of your team. Those collected flags can be returned to the hill for points. If players walk off the hill, the flags are disabled.


My next step is to make it so points are lost if you fall off the map while holding (activated) flags. I also need to set up a spawning bot that spawns new flags as flags are collected. Once that’s done, our implementation should be done and ready to test!

What went well: It was nice to get programming again. We took team pictures. Stuff got done all across the team, asset creation and implementation is right around the corner.

What could’ve gone better: It was a busy week and I didn’t get back to my srproj programming after I showed Jon and Tyler what I had as soon as I would’ve liked, so now that task is pushed onto this week. I should have way more time this week to get that done.


Meetings: 3hrs

Pictures: 1hr

New hill: 3 hrs

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