Game Designer & Programmer


Senior Project - PPJ #2

This week, I worked on the first functional prototype of the shader that goes on the hill, thus finishing up the core functionality of the hill. The last piece of functionality missing from last week was the hill visibility going in and out depending on the players actions. If the players don’t shoot at or touch the hill for a certain amount of time, the hill will go invisible and continue moving around the map. If the players shoot through or touch the hill, it will become visible again.

I also worked really hard on learning GitHub a bit better and managed my files and changes really well this week. I helped with getting the first build (!) of the game built and running a VERY busy day of play-tests. We ran 5 play-tests total this weekend with over 20 different players. I recorded any comments and observations and learned a whole lot about what can make out game better.

This upcoming week, I’ll be working on implementing the full game loop, a win-state, and various design changes.

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