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Senior Project - PPJ #14

PPJ 13 was just a recap journal over everything from the last two journals, so it has been excluded from this site.

I had a busy first week of class getting back from break. I didn’t get as much as I would have liked, but I did get the basic animator set up for the male and female rigs and put in placeholder animations for Idle and Running. My main task before the GDC pitch is to get the character models in game and animating smoothly. This week, I tested both the male and female rigs in engine and set up the basic anim functions and the animator that will be used for all characters. I also got started on editing the character set-up functions so that the rig/model that the players control will change based off of the choices the players made in the sign-in screen. Right now, the player will spawn in as either the male character or female character depending on what gender they choose, but once the clothing is all finished, I can get started on having the masks/clothes change based on if the player is the primary or secondary player on their team.


These rigs aren’t weight painted yet, so that’s why it looks funky. I also got the hair sim working on the female characters braid in engine, so now her braid (and eventually the guys scarf) flows behind her as she is moving.

My next task is to start working on getting the arms to replace the aiming UI element. I want the characters to hold up theyre arms to show where the player is aiming, and that system will be a bit more complex. I really hope to get to that this week.


Anim work: ~7 hours
Meetings: 3 hours

Total: 10 hours

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