Game Designer & Programmer


Senior Project - PPJ #10

This last week was my final week of the term and very busy. I made it through though, managed to still do a fair bit on the project, and I am now writing this from home in Greeley, Colorado!

This week I worked on tightening up some of the UI stuff I’ve done the last couple weeks. I also did a fair bit of bug fixing and a little bit of design work.

The UI stuff had a couple of bugs and all of them were related to how the controllers were being added and how inputs were being read. As I move forward in the UI functionality, I’ve realized that I am going to have to write my own input manager since Unity doesn’t have native support for multiple event systems. This will be a long process, but I’m excited for the challenge. For the UI this week, I fixed an issue with UI elements being activated/deactivated in the wrong columns as players signed in. This was because I initially set up the UI to order the controllers by the order the OS recognizes them in, not by the order in which they were signed in. I added the ability to unlock your character selection, as well as name label default states and length limits. I ironed out some of the other routines and now the sign-in screen worked perfectly. Once the rest of the functionality is added and multi-controller UI input support is added, I expect this screen to be a silky smooth experience that is intuitive for all players.

Moving forward, I’ll tackle the rest of the in-game UI stuff. Finishing the UI functionality is my main task for over break and I want it done right.


Later in the week, I did some bug fixes for the objective. As we’ve made changes to our objective, the script for the hill and flags has become a mangled mess of bad code, so I had a massive amount of fun doing fixes. I fixed an issue where a team’s control of the hill was timing out and another issue where flags were spawning in as the wrong color. I’m looking forward to more bug fixing, because I genuinely enjoy it.

Lastly, I tested some balancing and new flag layouts with the rest of the design team. We had a blast playing the game and fixed a ton of bugs that we found while playing.

What went well: This was an awesome week of productivity. I finished to big projects that I am proud of and I am super happy with where senior project is at and where it is going in the next couple months. I’m really looking forward to next term. We also had an AMAZING team dinner with Jichen. I was super happy everyone could come and I had a blast just hanging out with everyone outside of work. I’ve got an awesome team. I’m super hyped for winter break.

What was bleh: I was busy all week. I was finishing up everything, and my schedule got so packed that I had to push back a paper until the day it was due (today). Still have to write it.


UI: 4hrs
Bugs: 2hrs
Testing: 2hrs

Total: 8hrs

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