Game Designer & Programmer


Senior Project - PPJ #1

After a week of more designing, we landed on the “why” of the game: a modified king-of-the-hill mode. This week I worked on making the hill prefab and getting the core functionality of it built. The gist of the mode is that, as players stand within the hill area, they will drain resources/energy/something from the map and gain points for their team. As points are gained, the hill area will shrink, but if players fall off the map, their score will be depleted and health will be returned to the hill.

If players from both teams are in the hill area, however, it goes into a “contested” state, and no one gains points until only one team controls the area. The hill and score system are handled by triggers on the hill that are activated when a player collider enters the hill area.

Hill Depletion: 3 hrs

Score : 1.5 hrs

Total: 9.5 hrs

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