Game Designer & Programmer


Senior Project - PPJ #16

Wow, what a week. This week was by far the most work intensive and emotionally dynamic week of the project so far. We got an insane amount of work done and I’m super proud of how well the team has done.

I started off this week with a MASSIVE work day on Monday that saw me and some other members of the team in the PXL lab for about 14 hours. I updated the character models to newer models with clothing, hair, and rough weight painting. Since I had clothed models and all the masks and hair done, I could tackle the actual model switching that occurs based off of the choices the players make in the sign-in screen. Now, instead of there being one generic male and one generic female character, the character models update their shaders, masks, hair, gender based off of the selections the players make. All 4 character models are in, and now we have a much better sense of character readability and have a clear vision of what to do going forward. I also got to tweak the female hair sim a bit. It no longer flips out and spasms when the player rotates. The only persistent issue occurs when players stop moving: the hair whips forward through the player collider and has to shift back into its resting position.


I spent the rest of this week working on the GDC pitch presentation. We spent and insane amount of time working and reworking how best to communicate our game design and reiterate the depth we have and, when it came time for our presentation, we nailed it. I don’t think we could’ve done any better than we did, and I’m super happy with how much the team was able to grow and learn. We’ve struggled a ton with explaining our game to people who have never seen it before, and we created a short and direct method of explaining that hammers in the core gameplay while also showing just how much depth is in our design.

Even though we aren’t going to GDC, I truly believe the faculty made the correct decision and I couldn’t be happier with where our project is. We have some very exciting opportunities coming up and we are preparing to meet these opportunities head on! Development is looking great and we are now shifting into the late stage of implementation and beginning to approach early polish!


Rig/Animation Work: ~5 hours
Hair Sim Work: 2 hours
GDC presentation/demo work: ~25 hours
GDC pitch: 2 hours
Meetings: ~3 hours

Total: ~35 hours

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